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Crisp air and sweater weather! That only means one thing, WINTER WEATHER! I am so excited for the holidays and the winter season! I love the winter weather, but my skin dries out too much! Regardless if you are located in New York City or somewhere in southern California, changing your skincare when the weather changes are so important. This is because our light summer products will not be as helpful against the cold, and dry winter air. Our skin demands some extra love with thicker and my more hydrating products! I want to share what my winter skincare routine looks like and also some winter skin care tips that keeps my skin glowly and bright!

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The importance and benefits of good skincare
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Top 4 Winter Skin Care Tips

1. Exfoliate

Chemical Exfoliants

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My biggest winter skin care tips includes keeping dry skin away. This winter, make it a goal to exfoliate, but no more than twice a week! And NEVER use both types of exfoliants at the same time! You will overdo it, potentially making your skin irritated which may lead to breakouts, peeling, and intense dryness.

There are 2 types of exfoliates, chemical and physical. I personally like chemical exfoliation products for my face, but sometimes I feel like I really need a good scrub. So I will go in with a very gentle sugar scrub. I think chemical exfoliants work so much better, and there is lower risk of damage versus a physical exfoliant.

Some of my favorite chemical exfoliators are by Neogen Dermatology and Paula’s Choice. These are super gentle! Even with my sensitive skin, I have never had a problem with these products.

Just remember that you only need to exfoliate twice a week. When you apply chemical exfoliators, you should not feel any stinging. And if you do, you are using WAY too much. Even though some may say they are gentle enough for daily use, it will be too much for your skin.

These products will only give you great results if you use them accordingly. I have seen really great results with them!

Winter Skin Care Tips : chem. exfol
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Physical Exfoliants


The skin on our faces are so much more sensitive. Using the wrong type of physical exfoliant, using them to roughly or too often, can actually cause more damage. Ingredients like walnuts, coffee, fruit pits are actually very dangerous for our faces. Although these materials are natural, they are too harsh and crushed unevenly which may tear your skin causing unwanted trauma. Remember the St. Ives Apricot Scrub controversy?! Read here to learn more about why shell particles are not good for the skin.

The importance and benefits of good skincare: physical exfoliation
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Some physical exfoliating products are made with harsh ingredients and that’s why I really like to use chemical exfoliants for my face. But there are some days I like to get a good scrub in, and that’s when I’ll use a gentle sugar scrub type product.

black sugar scrub
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My personal favorite physical exfoliating products are mainly sugar scrubs because I like how it is dissolvable it is. This means that you can control how harsh it will be on your skin. Hands down my favorite sugar scrub for the face and lips is the Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub. The strawberry one is also really nice too! Dear Klairs has a similar Black sugar scrub, that’s is also quite gentle. Any of these are my go to physical exfoliants.

Winter Skin Care Tips : exfoliate
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For my body, I like this Salt Scrub. This body scrub is perfect for the winter season because it will not only help exfoliate but also it’s filled with oils to help keep your skin hydrated. This product will lock in the moisture from your shower by creating a barrier between your skin and the air. To learn more about body oils, check out my blog post here! I go over all you need to know and how effective body oils are for both the winter and summer seasons!

Harmful Ingredients In Cosmetics And Beauty : Products
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For the lips, I have the Bite Beauty Agave+ dou kit. I really like this scrub because it leaves my lips so soft. And it also comes with a thick chapstick. It is perfect for night time and ensures that the new skin will stay hydrated through the night! I only do a lip scrub about once a week because I am constantly using chapstick and vaseline during the night, my lips are normally pretty smooth.

Come up with a routine that works for you! Once a week works for me, but you may need to do it twice a week, or every other week. Just remember you can also over do it, which will make you more prone to chapped and cracked lips. This kit is limited edition, so if you are not able to get it off Sephora, you can get a similar kit HERE.

I also really like the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. This treatment works really well after a good lip scrub. It makes my lips feel hydrated and super smooth after a good scrub. I did not have to reapply the Fresh one as often as my normal Burts bees chapstick.

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Adding an exfoliation step into your winter skincare routine is a great way to ensure you will fight off the dryness of the cold winter months and keep that lovely glowing and youthful looking skin! Exfoliating will remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, allowing new cells to be shown. This will result in brighter and smoother looking skin.

2. Water

You know the saying our bodies are mostly water. Well, by hydrating yourself by drinking LOTS of water, you are really helping your skin get the internal hydration it needs. Yes, one of my winter skin care tips is actually just to drink more water. This will help you achieve that beautiful glow!

Water is so useful to our bodies. There is a saying that you can last 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water. It is so essential not just to our survival, but also for our skin in general. While not everyone believes, that water can actually improve the skin, it can’t hurt to try it.

I personally make it a point to drink more water and fluids during these cold months, because not only is it good my for health, but I see the difference it makes! I like to make sure that I am doing everything I can to keep my skin well hydrated and avoid peeling and cracked skin.

Winter Skin Care Tips : water
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A good water bottle is truly what helps me drink more water. I like ones with a straw because I think it’s more fun to drink water that way. Once you find a water bottle that you like, you will be able to drink more water! My favorite is this 40oz insulated bottle. Ever since I first got this bottle, I drink so much more water than before. I make sure to fill it up at least 2 times a day. With my daily tea, I know that I am getting enough water. I also like how it is insulated because I can only drink cold water, no matter how cold the weather is. I will not drink warm or room temp water, I just find it gross.

Another cute option is this one off Etsy that can be personalized. I was gifted a cup similar to this, I absolutely love it and it’s so cute. I am constantly sipping water and I will refill it about 4 times throughout the day. Finding a water bottle that you like will make it easier to drink throughout the day and it will ensure that you are increasing your water intake to help your skin get glowy and plump.

Winter Skin Care Tips: water cup
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Water is used to remove waste and toxins from our bodies. Many of us suffer from acne and by hydrating sufficiently, we can help our skin look more plump and glowy. This is a sign of good hydration. Especially in the winter months, when our skin can take a beating, drinking water is an easy way to get more hydrated skin.

Learn more about how water plays a part in our skin health here! Drinking more water is one of the easiest winter skin care tips that keeps my skin looking hydrated even in cold and dry weather.

3. Thicker Moisturizers

It is super important to match your moisturizer to the season. As the weather gets colder and drier, your skin needs a thicker moisturizer or a super hydrating cream. This is so that your skin will stay hydrated throughout the day. You want a moisturizer that has hydrating ingredients like ceramides or hyaluronic acid. This will help protect your skin against dry weather.

During the winter months, I make sure to use a thicker moisturizer. I save the really heavy ones for these months because I like having hydrated skin. I even use them during the day depending on how dry the air is. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the heavy feeling SO much, but I deal with it because I HATE it even more when my skin is too dry.

My favorite moisturizers perfect for the winter months include CeraVe Daily moisturizer, Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream, and Cosrx intensive cream.

Winter Skin Care Tips: cerave
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The CeraVe one is a great overall moisturizer! It works well year round, and you can also use for the body too! I always keep a tub of this on hand because when my skin is feeling dry, I make sure to use this.

winter thick hydrator
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The Dear Klairs cream is really great if you have troubled skin, like acne, extreme dryness, and even burns. I like to use this when the weather has already caused some issues with my skin. It has calming ingredients so your skin does not feel as irritated. I love this moisturizer! It’s a little more on the pricer side, but its definitely worth it because it really does work on calming the skin.

Winter Skin Care Tips : moisturizer
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The CosRx cream contains snail mucin. This might sound gross but let me tell you. I have seen really great results with this product! It helps soothes irritated skin and improves skin elasticity by adding more moisture into your cells. This cream is good for the morning because it does not feel as thick, but you will still notice how much moisture it adds to your skin!

These are the moisturizers I tend to reach for when I notice the weather becoming more dry. Do not just layer more moisturizer when your skin is dry. One of my top winter skin care tips is to make sure to use a thicker moisturize that has ingredients that will increase the moisture in your skin!

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4. Occlusive Barriers

An occlusive barrier is a product that will stop the cold air from dehydrating your skin. This can be done by either facial oils or a technique called slugging. Using a product that will create this barrier will protect your skin from drying out especially at night. Even if you use all these hydrating products in the rest of your skincare routine, it will not stop the air from drying out. This is why using a facial oil or slugging can be useful in the winter months.

Use a facial oil as your VERY last step of the night. With this weather, you really want to ensure that your moisturizers are being locked into the skin. By applying an oil like Honest Beauty’s facial oil, or Peach and Lilly Pure beam Oil, it will help create this barrier between your skin and the environment. You do not need to saturate your face in oil, just use enough to create a very thin layer of oil. usually, 4-5 drops is enough.

How to Apply Serum
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Slugging is another technique you can use if you do not want to pay for oil. By using a small amount of Vaseline or Aquaphor to your face after your moisturizer, you will successfully create an occlusive barrier. These products do not get absorbed into the skin.

This occlusive barrier will help reduce the amount of water loss from your skin. Keeping in all the moisture in your skin and prevent dryness from the cold winter air. You only need to use a small amount. Because they can quite heavy on the skin, you do not want to overdo it, since it can feel uncomfortable.

How I use these Winter Skin care Tips In my current winter routine

Winter Hair Care Products
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Washing Steps

The washing step is super important. I am a true believer in the double cleansing technique. No matter what season, I want to make sure that my skin is absolutely clean and there is another left that may lead to breakouts. I like using an oil cleanser to make sure I remove any makeup that is on my face. After an oil cleanser, and all the makeup is broken down and washed off, I follow up with a water based cleanser. Water based cleansers are used to remove any dirt or pollutants that may be on the skin.

I think that it is super important to double cleanse at night because you really want to make sure your skin is free of anything and ready to take in the rest of your skincare products. Learn more about the importance of each step of a good skincare routine HERE.

Oil Based Cleansers

There are actual oil cleansers or you can get a balm type oil cleanser. Honestly, I love them both so I just switch between them once I finish a bottle. I do have to say that if you are traveling, a balm is easier to take because there is a smaller chance of spillage. I have tried so many oils to remove my makeup. Of course, there are some bad products and some really great ones.

I know there is a lot of love for using coconut oil as a makeup remover. I personally do not agree with this, but if it works for you by all means. Just beware that it is comedogenic, meaning it can clog your pores. So if you have acne prone skin, I would stay away from it because you might just get more breakouts. My favorite oil cleansers are by DHC and Dear Klairs. And my favorite balm cleansers include Heimish and Banilla Co Clean it Zero.

Water Based Cleansers

After an oil based cleanser, follow it up with a water based cleanser. This is will make sure that all the other gunk on your skin is gone and your pores are cleaned out. A good skincare routine will have a really good cleaning step because you really want to get rid of anything that may cause breakouts.

Winter Skin Care Tips
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Currently, my favorite water based cleanser is by Ackwell. I really like how gentle and hydrating it is. It does not foam or bubble up, which took a little while to get used to, but now I love it. Some other cleansers that are great for the winter months include Neogen or Klairs foaming cleanser.


As you know from above, there are both physical and chemical exfoliators. I think the biggest winter skin care tips are all about exfoliating. It is super important to exfoliate at least two times a week to make sure that you are getting rid of all the dead skin on your face. Exfoliating will lead to brighter and smoother looking skin. I mainly use chemical exfoliators, but I will sometimes also use physical exfoliants. I love Neogen’s chemical exfoliators. They are super gentle and still give me the soft bright skin that I want.

Sugar scrubs, in my opinion, are the way to go for physical exfoliants because you are able to water down the sugar to make it less abrasive. I love the Black Sugar Scrub or Strawberry scrub by Skinfood. If you cannot find the skinfood ones, Dear Klairs has a similar sugar scrub. It is very gentle because it has more water than the skinfood one. If you are super sensitive the Dear Klairs one might be a better option for you. These are my go to physical exfoliants, I love how all of them make my skin look and feel super soft after using!


It is so important to hydrate after cleansing, especially after exfoliating. A good hydrating toner will bring in the needed moisture and prep your skin to absorb the next skincare steps. With a good toner, your skin will look healthy and glowy. My favorites are the Klairs Supple Preparation Toner, the unscented version. These are the best and thickest toners I have tried. They are super great for adding in the moisture needed for the winter season. My skin always feels super hydrated with just this product. I really like Klairs toners because I never break out when I use them!