What To Do In Denia Costa Blanca

As a tourist, it can get overwhelming figuring out what to do in Denia Costa Blanca. Continue reading to get inspiration on what experiences and activities are available to help you plan the perfect vacation! There are so many little hidden gems found in the beautiful town of Denia.

I was lucky enough to have local guides, and they were able to provide me with the local experience. I love learning about the culture in the place I am in! Of course, I still want to see the touristy things; to see and do that made that destination popular.

While in Denia, I was able to split my time between both the local and touristy things. Because Denia is along the coast and known for amazing beaches and seafood, you better bet I spent a lot of time in the water and eating as much paella as I could.

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Denia Spain Tourist Information

For those who do not know, Denia is a small town in Spain. Located between Alicante and Valencia. It’s a part of Costa Blanca, the “white coast” of the Meditteranean. Costa Blanca is one of Spain’s most popular coastal areas due to the beautiful beaches, fresh seafood, and adorable towns and villages. Click here for a map view!

You can get to Denia from the Alicante airport, which is roughly an hour drive North. Or you could fly in from the Valencia Airport. From here, it can take just a little over an hour to drive south to Denia. As you can tell, Denia is literally in the middle of these two cities. It makes it a great place to stay while still being able to see other cities as it is quite close to everything.

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The summer season can get packed because many tourists come for the fabulous beaches and sunny weather. The beaches and water attract so many tourists, but it can get a bit steamy in the summer season. Year round, Spain has really nice weather. So if you do not want large crowds, then you might want to look into visiting in the fall or winter seasons.

Many people in Denia speak English. I found that it was relatively easy to communicate with the locals. In Valencia, many speak Catalan, which a language similar to Spanish, but not quite the same. I thought everyone was speaking Spanish, but it turns out they have their own language!

Learn more about Catalan Here!

Personally, I would look for an Airbnb or something similar to stay in! From what I learned, many of the homes in Denia are vacation homes, which means the owners will rent them out when they are not in use. This was great because it helped me get into that local experience, not just as a tourist. Who does not want to eat breakfast on the terrace while looking at a beautiful view with a nice breeze coming through?!

Things To Do In Denia

There are so many fun things to do in the Denia area! Of course, you have Denia, but since the other major cities along Costa Blanca are so close, you have the opportunity to adventure out to those areas as well!


I love learning about other cultures. Since Denia, Spain is known for its gastronomy, food is a huge part of this city! As there are many cultures that influence the food. I never had a bad meal. From Chinese to traditional Spanish cuisine. It was a great experience. The foodie in me LOVED it! I definitely would recommend just walking around on your own food tour!

Some must tries include paella, tapas, frozen yogurt, and orange juice!

The seafood paella was one of the best things there! Seafood is caught every morning, making it a surprising and fresh dish. If you want to know what kind of seafood is going to be in the dish because it just depends on what they catch.

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Typically, 1 order of paella will feed at least 4 people, with extra to spare! I had dinner with 4 other guests and it was literally impossible to finish it all! We were all stuffed. Still, I would definitely try some out if you get the chance.

On my first night in Denia, I ate at a Chinese restaurant. And let me tell you, IT. WAS. DELICIOUS! I never expected Chinese food to be the top runner in Spain. But I am glad I got proved wrong!

Spain is known for their tapas. I may have spend a little too much at dinner. It was so good! I loved the baked camembert with apple and jam.

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If you have a foodie in you, definitely make time to try out the local cuisine! Especially if you are a seafood lover, there are lots of places to go to! Make sure to add searching for seafood paella on your “What to do in Denia Costa Blanca list!” I promise that you will not regret it!


Of course, you cannot forget about dessert! Make sure to try the churros and chocolate! Most think most people are used to a hot chocolate type consistency, but the chocolate was very thick! It was a perfect dipping sauce for the churros! I am a sucker for anything with cinnamon, so these are on the top of my favorites list.

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Another dessert you CANNOT skip on includes yogurt from llaollao! I LOVE it! Some people really liked it, while others did not care for it. I personally thought it tasted so fresh. It was not too sweet, nothing like the frozen yogurt here in the states. Just made with plain milk, the flavor is just like frozen plain greek yogurt.

You can add different toppings. Trust me when I say I tried almost everything! The pistachio syrup and chocolate drizzle were my favorite. Please give this a try if you ever see one of these stores! I think you will get addicted right away! Do not forget to let me know what you think about it!


Hands down the Orange juice is super fresh and taste so different from what you get from the store. Even fresh squeezed is not the same. The oranges in Spain are much sweeter than here in the states! I love how the juice is just juice! There is no such thing as added sugar there. Just 100% fresh pressed fruit.

My other favorite was the Sangria. I love how fruity everything was. It was a nice refreshing addition to our dinners. Again, I think that the fruit is so different and much sweeter than it makes everything else taste different!

Places to explore in Denia Spain

The Castle

Make sure to check out the Denia castle. As an old town, Denia has so much history to explore. Denia was conquered so many different times, that a castle was finally built. After some time, the castle was abandoned. Now, it attracts tourists and helps promote the history of Denia.

I loved learning all about history! But the views were breathtaking! I loved the look of the castle when you are walking up to it! It has a beautiful rustic, yet charming ambiance. I think because the water surrounds it.

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There is so much to learn about the history! It is fascinating how much of Denia’s culture is influenced by all those who settled in the land prior to the 20th century! Denia, Spain has gone under so many different rulers. You are bound to find something exciting that you resonate with!

Learn more about Denia’s history HERE!

The Beaches

Located on the coast, Denia tourism is heavily involved with sandy beaches, water sports, and boardwalks! I am definitely someone who is attracted to the water!

Denia specifically had very few crowds (at least when I went) and the marina was so cute. With little stores here and there, a bunch of restaurants, and of course the views. This is a must see! I parked around the Denia port and walked all around. There are 2 marinas surrounding the port, making it the perfect spot to just walk around.


Known for the nightlife and parties, Benidorm is the perfect place to have a fun time and grab some drinks! It was a short drive from Denia to Benidorm, but close enough for a day trip. The main boardwalk of Benidorm was more like the Santa Monica Pier. It was super crowded, with many places to grab snacks and sweets.

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The waves themselves were actually pretty mellow, making it the perfect place to walk along the shore. I noticed the VAST amounts of water sports and water toys. They had everything from those fun water trampolines, to wakeboarding and parasailing.

Everyone seemed to be either at the bars or playing in the water.

Snorkling Tour

During my walk around the marina, there was an ad for a private snorkeling tour! My family and I signed up for this right away! And it was an amazing event! The pricing was very good for 5 people, with snorkeling gear and lunch included. Our captain was knowledgeable about the area and knew exactly where the best views and swimming areas are!

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We were able to experience the mountain views from the sea! It was so different and absolutely breathtaking! Everyone had a blast! This is something I would totally recommend you to add this to your “what to do in Denia Costa Blanca” list!

Adrenaline Pumping Adventures

Even Denia has things to do for the adventurer! All along Costa Blanca, between Alicante and Valencia, there is always something for the person who seeks adventure. Parasailing, Cliff diving, deep sea diving. There are so many options! I decided on Canyoning because that is something I always wanted to do and it is hard to find something like that where I live.

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If you have not heard of canyoning, it is basically where you pass through a canyon by walking, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and swimming. This is not for people who cannot swim or have issues with heights. There can be areas of fast moving water, which you must navigate through.

I thought this was an AMAZING adventure. I have the most memories from this excursion because it is unlike any other excursion! We started at the top of a mountain, hiked down. And when I say hike, I do not mean the Hollywood sign hike LOL. I mean through rocks and trees, down slopes, and to the point where I fell and slid a couple of times!

During this adventure, we went down natural water slides, rappelled down more cliffs, and eventually went cliff diving alongside a waterfall! I never thought I would do something like cliff dive, but when I jumped it was not as scary as I thought it was going to be! I want to say I jumped like 3 stories. And I would do it again!

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If you have the opportunity to go canyoning and you are physically able to do it, then I 100% would recommend it. This adventure was something I would never forget! And I cannot wait to do it again.

If you have not heard of Denia, Spain, I hope you learned something from this post! There is so much to do in Denia and along Costa Blanca. There are things for everyone to enjoy. Regardless if you are someone who just likes to eat, someone who loves to visit the beach or someone who is looking for adventure. Denia has a little bit of everything!

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Don’t forget to let me know what is YOUR favorite activity to do in Denia or the entire Costa Blanca area! I love trying out new things and seeing different places! I will sure to add it to my list for the next time I go that way! Then, I can share my experience with all of you guys!

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