Best Gifts For Bloggers and Other Business People In Your Life

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Finding the perfect gift can be time consing and quite stressful! But it is not fun when you are totally stumped on what to get for your blogger, entrepreneur, and business friends. This list is full of things that I personally love, and I know many bloggers and business people will too! I hope this list helps you find inspiration for gifts for your people. If you are looking for a gift, or if you are an entrepreneur yourself, this list is full of the perfect things that will help any business person’s job easier! Not to mention helping to create a better working environment! Find the perfect gifts for bloggers and the other business people in your life.

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Desk Gifts for Bloggers and Business People

desk accessories
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The workspace is VERY important. Every person likes their desk designed and organized a different way. Some people love having HUGE dual monitors, while others rather have a single laptop and a calendar in the corner. I know some people who like to have a candle, while others would rather have a plant. Finding something your busniess person can put on their desk that helps with productivity is one of the best gifts you can ever give!

Business people and bloggers alike spend a lot of time on their computers, why not help them make their workspace inviting?! I love these desk addition gift ideas, most of which I currently have on my workspace.

Boss Desk Plaque

Gifts for bloggers_ desk plaque
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Who doesn’t want a fun desk plaque to remind themselves and others who the boss really is?! This is a fun, cute little reminder that will make our day! These desk plaques for ladies or men is a fun addition to any desk. It will serve as a reminder that you are AMAZING and are working hard for to achieve a goal.

Amazon Echo Dot

Not only does the Amazon Echo Dot serve as a speaker, but it is also easy for anyone to set up reminder notifications and alarms. It’s super important to keep business people on track, as a lot of things will pop up. Alexa will help remind people of appointments or other important tasks that need to be completed by a certain time. While typing away an email, you can set a reminder for a meeting. Without even having to look away from the screen! How cool is that?! Want to change your playlist without having to manually do it? How about turning on your laptop charger without bending down to the outlet? This echo dot can do it all!

amazon alexa_echo dot
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I love changing my Spotify playlist from jazz to today’s greatest hits just by saying it. I have smart outlets connected to my important cords and I am able to turn on and off lights just by saying it. Not only does this help keep my desk clear of any wires and cords, but it is really nice when I want to turn on the light before I actually reach my desk. The echo dot is small enough to fit on a desk without taking up too much space. There is so much you can do with this device, and it will definitely help anyone stay updated with their daily tasks.

Salt Lamp

gifts for bloggers_salt lamp
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A salt lamp is both a light source and helps provide a positive environment! OK maybe it’s not the best for reading in the dark. But, salt lamps have been said to reduce the negative particles emitted from electronics. Learn more about the benefits HERE. I have multiple salt lamps throughout the house and I love the one by my desk. It gives a different ambiance to the room, and I feel like it helps me be more productive. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer. Since I having a salt lamp to collect all those negative energies around me, it makes me feel better. As a business person, I like to ensure my workspace is a positive environment. It plays into my inspiration and helps ensure a productive workday.

A Planner

Ok, so I have a small planner on one side of my desk, and stationary on the other! I love having something cute next to me to write down ideas as they flow. I personally do not write little notes in my calendar because I do not like cluttering my monthly view. It makes it look like I have too much going on and that stresses me out! A cluttered calendar is also hard to read. To ensure I’m up to date with all my deadlines, I like to make sure I can read everything that’s going on.

calendar_gifts for bloggers
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A planner is necessary for anyone who needs to stay on track. As a business person, it is important to keep business deadlines, along with personal appointments. I love this planner as I like a larger monthly view. Personally, I like to see the “big picture” with the monthly view, in order to plan my weeks. This one is light enough to throw in my bag just in case I decide to work outside the office. There is a weekly view, along with daily time blocks for those who like to plan everything. It comes with sticky notes and a bookmark so you know exactly where you need to go.


gifts for bloggers _desk organization
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This stationary is another great one! It is more of a daily To-do list. It includes enough space for you to fill your daily to-do list! But it also has space for notes/doodles, along with health trackers like water intake and food. It is great for people who like to plan daily, rather than weekly or monthly. I had this to-do list in the past. But, because I have an inconsistent work schedule, I need a monthly planner to see everything.

You can never go wrong with a planner or stationary as a gift to any blogger or business person! Working for yourself and planning personal appointments will help everything get done before the deadline. These things together make the perfect gifts for bloggers as they will keep anyone organized.

I hope that this list inspired you to find the perfect gifts for the bloggers, business, and the entrepreneur people in your life! This post has everything a business person would really love and actually use!

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gifts for beauty lovers in your life
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What are your thoughts on this list of essential makeup tools?! What tool do you think everyone needs to invest in? Let me know if I missed anything to add to my basic makeup took kit. I would LOVE to know your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below!

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