Best Beaches In Orange County To Take Pictures

Best beaches in Orange county to take pictures

As an Orange County native, I spend quite a bit of time enjoying the beaches. I’m one to enjoy the views and walk along the shore rather than swim in the water. Out of all the beaches I have been to, I created a list of the best beaches in Orange County to take pictures. These are perfect spots for engagement or other announcement photos, or just for Instagram. Regardless if you want to take pictures of the views and beaches themselves, or be included, these beautiful beaches are perfect for that occasion.

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Laguna Beach

If you are unfamiliar with the OC, Laguna Beach expands quite far. Some of my favorite sections include Montage Laguna Beach and Victoria Beach.

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These orange county beaches are the perfect location for a photo shoot or even engagement photos. Regardless if you just want to have fun, or want to announce something special. The Montage and Victoria Beach are excellent options.


At the Montage, there is the hotel and some stairs that will lead you right to the beach. Palm trees line the path towards the beach. Frame your photos with the trees or the stairs. They will act as leading lines, which adds visual appeal to any photo. Not only will you be able to capture the water and beach, but the hotel and palm trees are a beautiful addition too.

montage beach
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This place is beautiful, and even more amazing at sunrise! When you need a pretty beachy background, make sure to check it out!

Learn all about the Montage Resort and beach here!

Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach has an amazing stone lighthouse tower. It looks magical and straight out of a fairy tale. Relatively close to the Montage Resort, you can walk from one beach to the other. Just beware of passing on private property. There is also a circular pool that fills when the waves crash over. If you have a drone, use this pool to get some great overhead shots.

Victoriabeach_Best Beaches In Orange County To Take Pictures
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Again, you can never go wrong with sunset or sunrise. Victoria Beach is one of the best beaches in Orange County To Take Pictures. Lighting is key, so make sure you are ready for your photoshoot. Get ready to create magical photos here, cause with this background you cannot go wrong!

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Learn more about Victoria Beach here!

Newport Beach

Newport Beach is a classy part of Orange County. It is a beautiful place for photos and creating lasting memories. I personally love the Pier and Pelican Hill. Newport has so many great hidden gems to take photos. But you can always ensure a good time at these locations!

Newport Pier

I love the pier. Although it can get quite crowded, there are so many great shots you can get. Using the pier can add to your photos, creating an interesting composition. Since the pier is right on the beach, you can get some really beautiful photos of the beach and the surrounding area. Not only that, but this area makes a great background for any kind of photoshoot you want to have. Plus you can make a beach day out of it! Whether you are just walking around the shoreline, shopping at the boardwalk, having a romantic picnic on the beach, or building sandcastles, this place is great to take some amazing artistic photos!

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Have some fun hanging out at the beach and walking around the boardwalk area. You cannot go wrong with a pier and sunset in the background!

Learn more about the Pier here!

Pelican Hill

A beautiful resort located in Newport Beach, Pelican Hill is right on the beach. But you can get some really good views of the water from here! Not only is the view amazing, but the resort itself is a work of art. If you have the chance to check this out, definitely do it!

If you end up going to this resort, check out the Rotunda! As long as there are no weddings going on, this is a beautiful, beautiful place to snap some great shots of the beach. I want to say hands down this is one of the best beaches in Orange County to take pictures. Even though it is not actually at the beach. The views are amazing and definitely will make any photo picture perfect!

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After your photoshoot, go get something to eat at their grill. It has some really good food, but the views are what most people go for. You overlook the entire resort and the lovey Newport Coast. Sunset is the perfect time for some dinner reservations. The way the sun reflects off the water is truly a spectacular view.

Check out where the best places, at the resort, to take those Instagram worthy photos HERE.

Dana Point

Dana point is one of my favorite places to get some get beach and water views. Not only do you have the marina, but Strands is nearby as well. Dana point has great beaches to take amazing photos! It is a very relaxed area, but there still is a lot to do and see. I have the marina, it’s literally one of my favorite places! And the best part about it, is that there is a beach on both sides of it. So no matter which direction you go, you can make it to the beach!


The Marina in Dana Point is one of my favorite spots. I personally like looking at the marina from the park across the street. If you can find the Marriot, Lantern Bay Park is right next to it. This park has some really great views of the marina and the water. You can get some really cute photos with that background!

Best Beaches In Orange County To Take Pictures_dana
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The park is perfect for a picnic and the view is amazing! I’m a total fan of sunrise here. There is something about how the sun rises over the horizon and reflects off the water. I’m a total supporter of this place for amazing pictures. It is one of the best places in orange county to take pictures of the beach and water!


Strands Beach is a pretty quiet beach, since it’s in a more residential area. You can usually find parking easily, but it can get pretty busy. The beach itself is down the stairs and through the neighborhood. Strands is located near the Ritz-Carlton, so again you know you will get some great views and nice shots.

strands_Best Beaches In Orange County To Take Pictures
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You can get beautiful photos of this beach at the parking lot, and even during the walk down to the beach. I think this beach is more of a “walk around” type beach rather than actual swimming. That being said, you can still throw town a blanket and picnic there. Benches are located all around so you can still sit and enjoy the views and get some great pics.

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What are your thoughts about these Orange County beaches to take pictures? Have you been to any of these locations before? IF so, which one is your favorite? IF you haven’t which of these locations are you most excited to visit? I would LOVE to know your thoughts and opinions. Let me know in the comments down below!

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