2 Days In Paris With Family Itinerary

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Only have a few days to spend in Paris, France? There seems to be a million things to do and see, but visiting Paris in 2 days is actually possible! Going with other family members may seem like an impossible task because everyone likes different things. I put in so much time and energy to create an itinerary that my entire family will enjoy. If I was able to make it work, then you can too ( I have some really picky people)! You just have to be smart about what activities your family decides to take on. It’s super important to ensure that all the activities you pick will cater to the entire family. There was a lot of time spent actually compiling all the potential destinations and activities to see and do. The next step was to get everyone’s opinion on them and narrow down our activities and make the finalized itinerary. Find out the things I decided to add to the itinerary for 2 days in Paris with family!

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The 2 Days In Paris With Family Itinerary

Day 1


We started our Paris excursion mid morning, since we were tired from our prior travel day.

Enjoy an amazing breakfast at a Cafe! Sit out on the terrace or patio with a cup of coffee and some baked goodies! Honestly, Pairs had the BEST BREAD I have ever had! Both mornings consisted of croissants and pain au chocolates (chocolate croissants). They were so good, words cannot tell you how fantastic they were! Trying the bread is definitely something that you must do on a trip to Paris! With all the different pastries, your entire family will find something they like!

We walked around looking for something to eat, but we just followed the smell of fresh bread to different bakeries/cafes. I tried so many different baked goods in Pairs, and everything was beyond fantastic. I tried bread from all over during my trip to Europe, and Paris had THE BEST.


An afternoon in Paris is not complete without some sightseeing! With only 2 days in Paris with family, the fastest way to sightsee is though the hop on and off bus tours. Some people might not like this as it is super touristy, but my family wanted to see as much as we could in a short period of time! The bus was great because we were able to pick where we would we down and spend more time exploring.

Aly Monique in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris, France the first time traveling to Europe
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We stepped off the bus around the Eiffel Tower. This was something we all wanted to see up close and in person. My family chose not to go up the tower but instead explore the areas around it. We thought it was much better to have a view of the tower rather than be inside it. We scoped out the area and there is a large park in front of the Eiffel Tower, which many people picnicked on and on the other side was the Trocadero Fountain. Both of these areas had great views and we got some amazing pictures.

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Once we got hungry, we visited a market and picked up some items for a picnic. This included a baguette, with cheese and assorted meats. We also got some snacks, other sandwiches and drinks. We wanted to try as many “Persian” things as we could and we could not think of a better way to have lunch while sitting in front of Paris’s most iconic tower.


Visit Montmartre near sunset! This cute little village feels just like you are in a movie or just traveled back in time. There are some real authentic vibes that no other place compares. Not only did it have spectacular views of the entire city, but everything you could possibly want like cafes, artists, and music. This part of Paris was exactly what I thought it would be like. We all have dreamed of the day where we would walk down cobblestone streets in a cute little quaint Parisian city and this is the place for it! Walking around here is definitely something I would recommend to anyone traveling to Paris.

Not only do they have Montemarte, but another landmark is right there too. Sacré-Cœur, a church sits on the hill top where you have a view of the entire city! During sunset, this place lights up and the skyline is absolutely breathtaking! Instead of going up the Eiffel Tower, I would totally just go here! You get the same skyline, but you also can see Montmartre. This is a great spot to get maximize your time in Paris, especially if you have to figure out an itinerary for 2 days in Paris with family.

Day 2


We walked around to see the sights WITHOUT many people. When we took the bus the previous day, we did not go down to see the Louvre Museum, as the lines were so long. By waking up early, we were able to get some great shots without having to wait for people to move out of frame.

2 days in Paris with family_ louvre
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Thankfully, the BnB we stayed at was walking distance to many of these sights, since it was located in the 1st arrondissement! It was really nice to experience the landmarks with the sun rise and without crowds. Check out these other sights to see in the 1st arrondissement. The gardens all around were beautiful and there was hardly anyone there.

Of course, after our walk, we decided to pick up some coffee and bread to bring back to the BnB to eat with the rest of the family. Mornings in Paris are wonderful and peaceful, as many people are not up so early. That is something to take advantage of if you want some really nice photos without people in them.


We stopped at The Champs de Élysées for some shopping. The ladies in the group wanted to hit the LV store, while the guys decided to get a coffee at one of the outdoor cafes. Although shopping might not be for everyone, it was so much fun walking around this area. The Champs de Élysées is definitely a tourist destination, but you can find all the designer brands, and other retail stores you could ever want! I love that I can say I bought my first luxury bag in Paris. It will always be a fun memory!

Learn more about the Champs de Élysées HERE!

Aly Monique standing in front to LV store
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Everyone needs to eat dinner, and I think one of the best ways to enjoy the Paris nightlife is through a dinner cruise on the Seine River. When it gets dark, all the lights come on, and honestly, that is the beauty of the nightlife. The Eiffel Tower, the bridges, and all signs will start to glow! I loved being able to see all the views from a different aspect during this dinner cruise. You are able to eat and drink, but also take in the sights! I thought this was a great way to the night and our 2 day trip in Paris, France.

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Check out more things to do in Paris at night HERE!

You are able to see so much of Paris in 2 days, it just takes some time to decide what activities you would like to do. A weekend in Paris is definitely romantic and if you are looking for a date night type experience this itinerary will help you find things to do. Although your trip will probably be jammed packed with only 2 days in Paris, I am certain that you will have such a great time! If you do not know what to do in Paris for 2 days, I hope that this itinerary will help!

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P.S. I just wanted to share some of my favorite travel items that would have made this trip so much easier for me!

First off, a carry-on sized suitcase would have been a better idea than a regular sized luggage, as it is very difficult to lug that big thing all around! Having a large backpack or weekender type bag also came in handy. Make sure to bring some comfortable walking shoes, and do not forget a portable charger!

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What are your thoughts about these 2 Days in Paris With Family Itinerary? If this is your first time in Paris, what are most excited about? If you have already gone, which of these activities are your favorite? What else would you add to this list? I would LOVE to know your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below!

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